July 3, 2009

Today in Amusement History

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Many moons ago, there was The Amusement Park Almanac, compiled by Dave Althoff and published periodically on Usenet.  Anyone out there remember, or even know what Usenet is, let alone use it? For the last few years it has laid fallow with no updates and for a time, no home.  That is till I came along and revived the Almanac.  After getting the OK and support from Mr. Althoff it is alive again, living on DerekClayton.com/tiah.  Both of us are now maintaining the list, updating it for current events and slowly filling in the events that were missed over the last few years.

But it is no longer just a list – oh no indeed!  First off, it is now in a true database.  Secondly, it can now be viewed in many ways – via website, Yahoo Widgets. And if you have your own website, you can easily add it to your site (see the website for details).

Amusement history is an important part of American history, and Americana in general.  Hopefully this will help keep it alive.

PS, if you need a Yahoo Widget, Google Gadget, etc… developed please let me know, I have your solution.

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