Sample Work

acesoarAmerican Coaster Enthusiasts Southern Ohio Area Region (SOAR)

Created this site gratis for an organization with little funds, in three days by customizing open-source, PHP based, WordPress. Very little work for me, easy to use and maintain by the representatives, huge ROI for the client.

atAmusement Today Email Newsletter

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Created a custom email management software using PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. User managed subscriptions and a custom administrator allow for quick and easy newsletter creation. The email content managers need not worry about layout and instead can concentrate completely on story creation. The advertising manager also has an administration interface allowing them to upload, create and schedule text and graphic ads. An HTML email skin was also included in the package, one of many email skins I have done throughout my career. All, of course, on a minimal budget.

dafeDarkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts (DAFE)

This is my ongoing non-profit (gratis) work – and my playground! This site was again developed in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Flash and CSS. WordPress is used for the back-end CMS with custom scripting on the front-end for the data display. Membership (account) was added using the existing WordPress backend and custom front end scripting. It even has it’s own iGoogle gadget! The site continues to grow, is now a top rank within the search engines and has an audience that is more than doubling each year.

iciInterventional Fellows/Cardiologists Institute (IFI/ICI)

I inherited this multi-million dollar account just a few months after the initial site went live. Tasked with maintaining this Windows 2003, ASP, and Docent LMS based site, providing technical support to the end users (Interventional Interns and Doctors), and creating and adding over 100 one-hour eLearning units using Authorware and Flash. The initial units were created as self-contained binaries that took over 40 hours of programming each to transform from a PowerPoint storyboard to finished product – each needing to be maintained separately. I re-wrote the programming, separating and externalizing the content from the functionality – in the process creating a single code-base to run every unit – all driven from XML. In addition I created several scripts for the development process – streamlining development down to an average of sixteen hours from the original forty. Along the way, many features were added to this cross-platform, AICC and SCORM based site.

Please note this work was done while I worked for WhittmanHart, and has been sporadic since WhittmanHart closed the office I was working at in April

knightsKnights Action Park

With a extremely tight budget, a new standards compliant site was created using PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS – simple enough for the marketing company to maintain.

lakewinnieLake Winnepesaukah

A feature rich, standards compliant, fully content managed website created, customized and themed for very little cost with the help of asapCMS (asapCMS, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, TinyMCE, CSS, Twitter, Facebook, Flash). Included custom attraction, events and calendar management for this wonderful southern amusement park.

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