December 3, 2009

CSS Reference

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Many, many moons ago, when CSS was a brand new toy for us developers to play with, I created a quick reference guide for my own use. It made its way into the wild, and many of my colleagues still thank me for creating it. It is long past time that I updated this handy reference.

So, about a month ago I dug out my reference and began the process of identifying what needed adding. The original document contained only the basic CSS properties, and had not been updated since CSS 2.0. No JavaScript equivalents; no color, no measurement nor selector reference; no CSS 3; and no browser support, all of which are now added [although CSS3 and Chrome information are incomplete].

I only mark support where it is complete, partial, or buggy support does not cut it. If we developers cannot reliably use the feature on that browser, I do not consider it supported. There are a few exceptions, all of which are noted.

Your input is greatly appreciated. Please send your additions and corrections with your source!

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